The focus of Vinnie's current research projects is to understand and provide future heart valve solutions for patients.


Advances in imaging techniques provide a surgeon with 'internal vision' before an operation and help with its planning. He has undertaken multiple projects which involve imaging modalities such as 3-D echocardiography and Cardiac CT scanning along with biomedical enginneering-led modelling. The aim is to understand the complex relationships within the heart and provide guidelines for a successful patient outcome.


Aim is also to collaborate with valve manufacturers to help bring future products to the patients including newer generation traditional heart valves, sutureless valves, valve repair rings and TAVI valves.



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Valve-in-Valve Apps

Rapid growth and confidence in TAVI technology has led to its use in novel indications such as Valve-in-valve. As an expert in this technique, Vinnie used to receive queries from all over the world and hence he developed a smartphone App for easy access to all the information needed to plan and perform this procedure. This work has won prestigious awards, has been presented and published and is now used as a guide all over the world with over 10,000 downloads in 86 countries

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Aortic VIV


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Mitral VIV 


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